About Tushar

find the spark

The audience is ever-evolving! Captivating their attention; moving their hearts & converting them to your camp is my commitment to you.

To be part of a journey that begins with a spark, an idea, a desire, a vision to have an impact and see it through till its manifestation.

Marketing, Promoting and Branding are never-ending cycles of this exciting adventure. There is something new being created each time and the thrill of this journey just whets my appetite for the next one!

But it took me a while to uncover this passion. Many years sailing the high seas and pursuing a marine profession kept me far-removed from getting up close and personal with my 'customers'.

It chanced up on me while creating content using captivating images and video collaterals for promoting social projects for Rotary. And this opened the world of content creation and promotion in a fast-paced digital world.