Marketing Consultancy

Indo French Hub is a start-up in edu-travel. Closely associated with its inception to help create its presence in the industry through marketing communication strategies using images, videos, blogs, email marketing, multiple landing pages and website. All messaging were extensively promoted on multiple social platforms, grow and convert their audience into loyal customers. In the disruptive year of 2020, the focus shifted to online content where a large number of programs, both paid and free, were live-streamed or conducted using online services.


  • Created the concept, theme, content and copy-writing of the website using responsive Wordpress Eleganto Pro theme and a slew of paid & free plug-ins.

  • Restricted content on certain pages exclusively for (paid) members - requiring login and authentication.

  • Capture visitors details to integrate into the master database through contact forms and comments section.

  • The website is automated to render itself to display the latest updates of online and offline events and social posts.

  • Increased user engagement through landing pages, feedback, reviews, comments and a multi-author blog.

  • The website was enabled with tracking & security tools for analytics, protection and review.

Email Marketing

  • Using paid Mailchimp email service with a validated database of 2500+ members.

  • Templated designs and email headers to maintain brand consistency in communication and catch eye-balls.

  • Campaigns created to derive maximum viewership, clicks and call to action


  • Website integrated with an online payment gateway to collect subscriptions and registrations for events, courses and other programs.

  • Created links, buttons and pages to enable to capture of data and embedded on the landing page to enable quick & easy registrations of users

Content creation

  • Creation of marketing collaterals including event promotions, client greetings, brochures, flyers, standees, certificates, itinerary planner, course modules, and many more,

Promotional Videos

  • Created promotional and marketing videos to engage customers and give a sneak into the product, service or an upcoming event including the copywriting, imagery and story line.